Religion. Who is (was) God? Atheism. What if there is no God (now)? Nature. Nature’s laws, forces and powers. Life. Purpose. Meaning. How to become conscious of this intelligent nature. – There are answers.





Knowingly or unknowingly, each and every human being conducts his/her life under the guidance of a “philosophy of existence”.   (A Natural Philosophy   “Forward”)

“I know of our attachments to a “God”, of hopes for an after-life “paradise”, of fulfilling “spiritual” promises, of the glow of recognition, of the pleasure of belonging to a group, of the fear of a “Hell”, of unquestioning adherence to dogmas, of doubt, of guilt… I know of the power of our “God” story. It is the story upon which words we formulate our “philosophy of existence”…  but is it accurate?.. is it real?    (A Natural Philosophy  P. 188)


Our philosophy of existence is built upon a taught/ learned Primary Foundation. Our Primary foundation shapes our decisions, choices, dreams, desires, actions, values, human interactions, self view (acceptance or rejection), world view. All elements in our existence reach (travel through) us from Root up through feelings and emotions. The structure of the Primary Foundation determines the way we feel instant by instant. But is this all important taught Root/ structure even true, real?

The Primary Foundation: What Who or what What not only created but also sustains and moves forward breaths, heartbeats, ocean waves, thoughts, feelings, good and bad, beauty and upheaval? Religious people assert that the Primary Foundation is a Person God. But some disagree with this hypothesis. Too much does not add up. They begin to hesitate and to question. Many who question turn to science for answers. But science responds with inconclusive, non-committal… “There probably is no God”… “Further studies are needed”…”Please take a seat in the waiting room”.

Can we escape? When we begin our search to know if there is a God and what is existence in the absence of a God, we find ourselves spinning in circles within a thousand loops build within a primary loop, the “God loop”. The loop is dug deep… the walls raised high. Education, the media, the entertainment world, scholarly knowledge, culture, traditions, fears, punishments, rewards, stigmatization, endless arguments, even science, the “no one can know for certain” assertion… all normalize, support and promote the “God loop”. Can we escape?

Who am I? I am a human being for whom an escape path must exist. What is taught by religion and the “wait” offered by science make no sense. Without the knowledge of our real Primary Foundation, how relevant are the conclusions of our reason? How solid is our view of the world, of the universe? How can we even assign purpose or meaning to our existence?

A book: Early on in my existence, I felt the need and want to know the truth. I began to look. In time, I came across two – less know but which made sense – escape from the loops paths. The first one addressed the origin of God and the second dived into the structure of existence. (There were answers.) Along the way, I wrote discoveries, notes, reflections, and the “what does it all mean?” in a book: A Natural Philosophy..  –  A Natural Philosophy is available on Amazon



1): (GOD):

How have we come to believe in the existence of a God?

There is a very important page in history… an awe bending “event” page… when and where it is noted that a God came down from the heavens onto earth. And… only upon understanding the truth of this event, can we clarify and identify our “real” roots.

“The first fact we face when we begin to survey the historical documents is that there was not only one “God” but many gods, present on earth, in those days. Yet, we have made it dogmatically “untouchable” to admit to the existence of other gods; we have brushed them under the truth’s carpet. We want all these gods to be imaginary. Our history books present them as mythological figures. Images in dreams. – We have turned a magnificent past into illusions and fairy tales. The second fact that becomes quickly evident when examining the ancient documents is that the gods, including our “God”, were beings of flesh, blood, and bones. It is only with the passage of the millennia that the gods became ethereal figures. And the third fact that the same texts make clear – the truth that confuses us so much and has sent us into astronomical loops over the millennia – is that the gods descended unto earth, from the heavens. The heavens being the skies above our heads.  A Natural philosophy p. 190, 191.”

Once on earth the gods accomplished head scratching feats. They flew through the skies aboard vimanas, chariots of fire, “glories”,” “whirlwinds”, and other flying crafts; they caused whole cities to be wiped out in minutes; they quarried, polished and transported block of stones of unimaginable size and weight to sites around the world. We can change words, alter stories and legends, transform fire and brimstone coming from the sky into metaphors and allegories, but we cannot deny the “evidentiary certitude for the existence of living gods” cast in the ancient – always associated with one god or another – megalithic structures/ temples. A platform remains at Baalbeck, libanon/Syria, built and stacked out of 1000 + tons (2 million + pounds) stone blocks.


Note: After a time on earth, the “gods” departed. People lifted their eyes upward and scrutinized the heavens. And, they waited… prayed… remembered… offered sacrifices…Thus began… and the long wait for the return of the magnificent ones… and the transformation of facts into memories, into reconfigured stories, into religions. – Over the generations, over the millennia, the descent of gods from the sky unto earth, their accomplishments, their relationship with humanity and their “words” have been reinterpreted and distorted to the point of being completely unrecognizable. And, with more time, more isolation, more reinterpretation, more refining, one of the many gods, a being issued from the womb of nature, was raised to the high post of “Supernatural” Supreme Being: (God). 

And that was God. That is God.

A page of history has become a story. A story has become a religion. And a religion has become a philosophical and scientific Imaginarium. Why is science included in the Imaginarium? In the search for creation’s origin, science like religion travels backward in time with the view of finding behind a First Instant the fingerprints of a grand cosmic external Originator. (God or Force).

By a thousand means… we normalize the Imaginarium. Build walls around it. Give it form and precedence. Package it. Sell it. Defend it. Ostracize those who try to climb over its walls. The consequence: Of the real who and what we are, of the why behind the game(s) of existence, of the mechanism of existence, we know nothing. We pretend. We invent.



Who created creation?
No one. (Why?)

Creation has always been.
Creation never had a beginning date.

Think about it: It is now. It is now. It is now. It is always now. The only all-encompassing “thing” that is always present is the Now. Having always been, the Now is eternal. Being everywhere, the Now is infinite. This present “instant” comprehends beginning, middle, and end… past, present, and future.

The Now is:

The Universal Creator.
The Primary Foundation. 
The Primal Source. 

The Now… In its totality, completeness, wholeness, is ONE; in its multiplicity of parts, it is all. All incessantly, infinitely. divides.  To divide implies motion. Except that the Now must remain in its “nowness-ness”. The Now must remain still. Stillness-in-motion… the mechanism: As One divides into all… simultaneously… all collapses into One. A pulse is emitted… Life at the very same time… a counter pulse is emitted… Death. Thus, everywhere… (the First Principle)… incessantly, Life/Death, Life/Death, Life/Death.

“To and fro, every human being dances until body and mind fold back… into One. To and fro, every tree, every flower, and every blade of grass dance until water, soil, and sun run no longer through their roots and leaves. To and fro, every sun dance until it can no longer separate morning from night and all that was under its care has dried up. To and fro, every life-form dances until the thought that conceived it, fades into the Source. And then, all begins anew. And in this instant.”  (A Natural Philosophy p. 44 )

The First Principle (Life/Death) is the motor, the matrix, Everywhere is the center of the Now. Essence is everywhere. Substance is everywhere. But, as the two pulses act at the same time essence is substance, cause is effect, mind is matter.

Existence: All becomes. All disappears. But we know that something remains. A middle: Creation/ existence. The middle is a battle for form and duration (space and time). How? Life in a want/need to be emits a pulse… it is erased by Death. Life comes back stronger… with more force… (a Force Principle)… pushes against Death… a space opens… we inhale…  Death comes back with more force… (another Principle)… pulls back… the space collapses… we exhale. Fragments by fragments… forms become, hold for an instant, an hour, a decade, a century, a millennium…. as… universes, rivers, grains of sand, thoughts, people collapse. In this single present instant, the Eternal and the Infinite become temporal and finite… the temporal and finite become Eternal and Infinite.

The natural nature of the Now: “Nature is the many forms travelling every which way within the Source. Nature is the “manner of being” of the many forms of the Source. Nature is the way of the Source. The nature of the Source is the nature of all things. Your nature is of the nature of the Source. Your nature is of the ways of the Source. All of the Source’s ways are natural. There is no such thing as an unnatural Source or an unnatural way. There are no unnatural dreams. There are no unnatural thoughts. There are no unnatural words. There are no unnatural acts. There are no unnatural paths. There are no unnatural travelers. Nothing is unnatural. Nothing. Not good. Not bad. Not evil. Nothing. All phenomenons, all levels of consciousness, and all things, approved of or disapproved of, explained or unexplained, are of nature. And what is unexplained is just that: unexplained. Not understood. No more can you operate outside of nature than can a grain of sand, a tree, or a lion. You can never act outside of nature’s ways. Period.   (A Natural Philosophy   P. 45)

One is all, all is One: In the Now, all of the ingredients that composes One are included in all. Intelligence, consciousness… etc… are included in all human beings, animals, trees, flowers, grains of sand, and specks of dust. Everywhere there is nothing but “conscious and intelligent life”.

Regaining the consciousness of our “completeness” of being: ” A human “being”, no matter the debilitating tempests, the gales, the squalls, the physical deformities, the mental illnesses, the antisocial behaviors, the bent ways, the lack of money, the vulgarity of the tongue, the crookedness of the thoughts and even the evilness of the deeds – a human being is always a complete human being. If you think that you are bent and would like to stretch, from the ground up to the light, do so. But, if the storms have been too severe, if the trunk, branches, and leaves are too damaged to be straitened, and you want to be whole, you need do nothing, for, as you are, you are One.   (A Natural Philosophy   P. 73, 74)

You: In the Now, you are a center of existence, a point of being, a point of radiance, where thoughts and senses weave the fabric of the eternal instant… where and when you receive and give the elemental and the formed. As it unfolds, the Now reveals itself. Then it folds. Again, it reveals itself. Wave by wave you sense, you think, you walk. Awareness of the ways of the Now, of the games of the Now, has its advantages, its rewards.

Why not know?

A Natural Philosophy… (the book)  is available on Amazon

“Awakening from the god’s (God’s) dependency is not easy. The sleep is deep and the trance profound. And, as we awaken, we lament not being able to sleep anymore. We mourn the loss of comforting memories. And we feel empty, anxious and scared. About the present. About the future.” – It passes. Nature has equipped us for survival.”  A Natural Philosophy    P. 206