Religion. Who is (was) God? Atheism. What if there is no God (now)? Nature. Nature’s laws, forces and powers. Life. Purpose. Meaning. How to become conscious of this intelligent nature. – There are answers.




“I was born free.
In a nature of intricate beauty.
And dismaying upheavals….”. A Natural philosophy… (the book)… Introduction.

And what I saw made me ask a thousand questions.

Who are we? What are we? Where are we? What is the where where we are? What Who or what What not only created but also, presently, sustains and moves forward breaths, heartbeats, ocean waves, thoughts, feelings, good and bad, beauty and upheaval?

We do not function in a vacuum. All that exists, all that exists as it exists… from breath, to food, to matter, to sky, to stars… to our inner dialogue… to our wants, desires, thoughts, actions, choices, decisions… words… purpose, meaning… knowledge, consciousness, understanding… our desire for a timeless “connection”… our world views, laws, politics, media, entertainment, education, science… values of right, wrong, good and bad… people… functions under the mechanism of operation of a Primary Source. Most people on this human planet are taught that this Primary Source is a God and that we function under the mechanism of operation set up by this God. But what if there is no God? What if our believed Primary Source (God) is imaginary? What if this belief falsifies our understanding of ourselves and the world around us?

A one two punch: The idea that a God is the Universal Foundation is propagated via two teaching platforms. A religious platform. It is said and repeated by a thousand voices that a God exists. A scientific platform. Science informs us that… there probably is no God… no one can know for certain…and we have not enough “intelligence” to determine, in the absence of a God, the “Who”, “what”, and “how” behind “creation”. We wait. Religion argues with science. Science argues with religion. We wait. Then, one day, we come to the realization that both are wrestling in the same deep sleep. The answer is not there. We set the clock on “wake-up”.

Here is a brief overview of a journey of awakening, knowledge, and freedom.

(For expanded reflections, please see: A Natural Philosophy on Amazon.)

… … …

“… While I was in the midst of the exiled people by the river Chebar, that the heavens were open… And I began to see, and look… coming from the north, a great cloud mass and quivering fire… … four wings…  the wings were joining one to the other… there was one wheel on the earth… As for the appearance of the wheels and their structure… as for their rims…  lifted up from the earth, the wheels would be lifted up… And I got to hear the sound of their wings …   the likeness of a throne (seat)…  And upon the likeness of the throne there was a likeness of someone in appearance of an earthling man upon it, up above…  I fell upon my face, and I began to hear the voice of one speaking… ‘Son of man, stand up upon your feet that I may speak with you.”  Genesis: Ezekiel 1:28-2:3


Who was God? God did not crawl from under a rock and into our mind. There is a page in history when and where it is noted that a God came down from the heavens onto earth. Was that page real? Was the God visitor real? Who was He? To make sense of our own selves, our planet, our world, we must first understand that ancient moment. It cannot be bypassed. It cannot be discarded. Our present day existence is woven by and with the treads of that event.


“I know of our attachments to a “God”, of hopes for an after-life “paradise”, of fulfilling “spiritual” promises, of the glow of recognition, of the pleasure of belonging to a group, of the fear of a “Hell”, of unquestioning adherence to dogmas, of doubt, of guilt… I know of the power of our “God” story. The “God” story – upon which words we formulate our “philosophy of existence” . The story is real… but inaccurate.

“If we come out of hiding from behind a thousand sleeps and take the time to follow the threads of our story to the date of its occurrence, here on earth, we will become able to read its content without having to worship its words or its authors. At present, it is the most important step demanded of all human beings. For, only upon understanding the truth of these events, can we clarify and identify our “real” roots.

“The first fact we face when we begin to survey the historical documents is that there was not only one “God” but many gods, present on earth, in those days. Yet, we have made it dogmatically “untouchable” to admit to the existence of other gods; we have brushed them under the truth’s carpet. We want all these gods to be imaginary. Our history books present them as mythological figures. Images in dreams. – We have turned a magnificent past into illusions and fairy tales. The second fact that becomes quickly evident when examining the ancient documents is that the gods, including our “God”, were beings of flesh, blood, and bones. It is only with the passage of the millennia that the gods became ethereal figures. And the third fact that the same texts make clear – the truth that confuses us so much and has sent us into astronomical loops over the millennia – is that the gods descended unto earth, from the heavens. The heavens being the skies above our heads.  A Natural philosophy p. 190, 191.”

Note: This is not about U.F.O.’s or alien conspiracies…. it is simply about re-reading… as it is written what the ancients inked on paper, papyrus, clay tablets and stone works. Megalithic stone works erected in the middle east as well as on almost all continent from granite blocks, cut, polished, carried for miles, over sand, rivers, mountains, some weighing more that a million pounds and at a time when mankind was just discovering the wheel and a few primitive implements. After a time on earth, the “gods” departed. People lifted their eyes upward and scrutinized the heavens. And, they waited… prayed… remembered… offered sacrifices…Thus began… and the long wait for the return of the magnificent ones… and the transformation of facts into memories, into reconfigured stories, into religions. – Over the generations, over the millennia, the descent of gods from the sky unto earth, their accomplishments, their relationship with humanity and their “words” have been reinterpreted and distorted to the point of being completely unrecognizable. And, with more time, more isolation, more reinterpretation, more refining, one of the many gods, a being issued from the womb of nature, was raised to the high post of “Supernatural” Supreme Being: (God). 

And that was God. That is God.

The consequence: However important the ancient words and rules of the gods were concerning our interaction with them (the gods demanded of us servitude, obedience, and worship)… they (their words) had nothing to do with the laws of nature, with the mechanism of existence, with the forces that make us behave the way we behave… with what is matter, mind, intelligence, consciousness… with the way a thought is formed, or a foot is placed ahead of the other… or why we love, hate, hope… speak, communicate, sing, dance… wage war…  accumulate stuff… joy, sorrow, happiness…

“Awakening from the god’s (God’s) dependency is not easy. The sleep is deep and the trance profound. And, as we awaken, we lament not being able to sleep anymore. We mourn the loss of comforting memories. And we feel empty, anxious and scared. About the present. About the future. It passes. Nature has equipped us for survival.”    (A Natural Philosophy p. 206 )

The mythological and supernatural age must come to a close. Evidence and sapience is on the side of us…


The paradigm shift:
No preexisting God ever existed (or exist) because…


Think about it… it is now. It is now.
It is now.

It is always now.
It has always been now.
It will always be now.

The only “moment” that has ever existed, that will ever exist, that exists… is this instant.
The date and time of creation is NOW.
A “Now” has always been.

The Now is the Primal Source.
The Now is the Universal Creator.
The Now is the primary foundation.

The Now creates all that exists.
All that exists creates the Now.

The when is Now.
The where is Everywhere.

Everywhere is the center of the Now. All that exists is a center at the center of the Now. (You are a center at the center of the Now.) “That you are sitting on a chair; that you are lying on a bed; that you are walking in a forest; that you are harvesting wheat; that you are eating an apple; that you are travelling around the world; that you are working in a factory; that you are giving birth; that you are planting seeds in a garden; wherever you are, you are at the center of the Now”.    A Natural Philosophy  p. 11

Having always been, the Now is eternal. Being everywhere, the Now is infinite. The Now comprehends beginning, middle, and end… past, present, and future. All that is essence has always existed. All that is substance has always existed. Form and formlessness are all that is essence and that is substance.

The first universal law (the mechanism of existence): The Now, in its totality, completeness, wholeness, is (ONE) and, in its multiplicity of parts, the Now is (all). To become (all), the Now (One) divides… infinitely. But to divide, to become “multiplicity”, the Now (it would appear) must jump ahead of itself. Yet, the Now cannot move out of its “nowness-ness”. The mechanism which allows motion-in-stillness: As (One) divides into (all)… at the same time… (all) collapses into (One)… (all) returns to (One). A pulse is emitted: Life. A counter pulse is emitted: Death.  The Eternal and the Infinite become temporal and finite…. and the same time the temporal and finite becomes Eternal and Infinite. Thus, the Now’s first cosmic and universal Principle/ Law is that it (the Now) is at all times in a state of Life/Death.

“To and fro, every human being dances until body and mind fold back… into One. To and fro, every tree, every flower, and every blade of grass dance until water, soil, and sun run no longer through their roots and leaves. To and fro, every sun dance until it can no longer separate morning from night and all that was under its care has dried up. To and fro, every life-form dances until the thought that conceived it, fades into the Source. And then, all begins anew. And in this instant.”   P. 44

(One) (all)… everything, everywhere, at all times… through Life/Death… is in… (in-situ)… transformation.

The Grand Designer of the laws of nature: The Now, in order to exist, needs to fill its everywhere. Life/Death makes the Now become and end… at the same time. But we know that creation exists. Something remains. Something must remain. Therefore, a middle (creation) is created. The middle is a battle for form and duration… existence. Incessantly, continuously, Life/Death, Life/Death, Life/Death. The game of being: Becoming Forces… the Life aspect of the Life/Death principle comes back… and .. stretches a space between itself and Death… we inhale… becoming Forces, Death fights back… and… collapses the space… we exhale. Fragments by fragments… Life/ Forces/ Death/ Forces… for an instant, an hour, a decade, a century, a millennium… universes becomes, stay, and end. Life/Death acts as bookends. Bookends powerfully yet precariously holding a breath, a heartbeat, a thought, a grain of sand, a kernel, a person. The needs of the Now to become, to remain, to end is the motor, the matrix, the Grand Designer of what is and of the way what is is.

All of the Forces are infinite in power. They are the Principles/ Laws/ Forces of existence. They are the laws of nature and the human laws. The needs of the Now condition our behavior. We behave as the Now behaves. We enact the Forces. The Forces enact us. Yet, for the most part, we lack the knowledge of these Forces. We, humans, think ourselves above the laws of nature; think that we have to correct them, to dismiss them in ourselves, to fault them for our “shortcomings”. (Nonsense!)  We are what nature is. Through and through.

“Nature is the many forms travelling every which way within the Source. Nature is the “manner of being” of the many forms of the Source. Nature is the way of the Source. The nature of the Source is the nature of all things. Your nature is of the nature of the Source. Your nature is of the ways of the Source. All of the Source’s ways are natural. There is no such thing as an unnatural Source or an unnatural way. There are no unnatural dreams. There are no unnatural thoughts. There are no unnatural words. There are no unnatural acts. There are no unnatural paths. There are no unnatural travelers. Nothing is unnatural. Nothing. Not good. Not bad. Not evil. Nothing. All phenomenons, all levels of consciousness, and all things, approved of or disapproved of, explained or unexplained, are of nature. And what is unexplained is just that: unexplained. Not understood. No more can you operate outside of nature than can a grain of sand, a tree, or a lion. You can never act outside of nature’s ways. Period. P. 45

But… everybody will kill each others!
So, we write agreements of mutual respect.
We are human.

The fabric of the universe is weaved presently by all of its forms… by you, by me, by an ant or a spider on a forest floor, by a raindrop falling on a seed in a marsh, by a dream that is becoming a thought… and at the same time, a memory is lost, a train of thought falters, a child cries in the night. The weaving and tearing up of the “fabric” are battlefields for “presence”. The battlefields are as much within us as they are outside of us. We are all players. The game is serious, all-encompassing. It has rules. It has laws. It has a why which conditions the hows. That we are aware of the rules, that we play by other rules, the game plays on. The game comes with Forces. And those Forces are our battle tools. Knowing the ways of the game has its advantages and rewards. Unawareness, unconsciousness does not work in our favor, does not work in your favor.

There is not another Now. There is not another moment. Children can spend their whole childhood believing in Santa…. never experiencing the connection of knowing the real gift giver(s). Adults can pass their whole existence waiting to get to the enchanted garden of the gods… never inhabiting her/his body and the earth upon which they walks. “Final evidence” seekers may search through telescopes and microscopes till the end of time for a sign of a preexisting Source…. never realizing that they as well as what they see, hear, smell, taste, touch, is mind and body of the evidence sought.

All new journey begins with a thought….
Followed by an action.

A Natural Philosophy… (the book)  is available on Amazon


Before I decided to publish this book, I asked my editor, David Yanor, to give me some feedback as to the viability of the project. And could the book be of value to others? Here are excerpts of what he had to say:

“Albert… with this manuscript, you have tackled some of the most daunting subjects conceivable.

–  The meaning of life.
–  The existence of God.
–  The place of religion.
–  The trajectory of life and death.
–  And many other timeless abstract considerations.


“Albert… If I did not believe that your book was professional enough or original enough, I would tell you. But there are enough flashes of real creativity and seminal intelligence to prick even the most jaded reader.

Recent Comments 

I have read your book more than once. I have cherished every word. I have bought a number of them. I do not know exactly how you came upon your conclusions but yours are mine and mine are yours.

I have really enjoyed Albert’s book and his laser mind. It is a treasure everyone should read  and you can quote me on that.
Bob Trask 

Many years ago, I wished we arrived into this world with a book of instruction telling us the real rules behind the games of existence. I have read hundreds of books and hundreds more. Never any real and meaningful answers. Deceptions upon deceptions. I had to continue living in the darkness. I stop reading. I stopped searching. I had enough. – Then… your book. Your book answers questions. It confirms what I had felt all along. I wish I had come across your book, A Natural Philosophy, long ago.  I know now that nature offers us a manual of instruction.
Jean Paul C.