Religion. Who is (was) God? Atheism. What if there is no God (now)? Nature. Nature’s laws, forces and powers. Life. Purpose. Meaning. How to become conscious of this intelligent nature. – There are answers.




Why should we care? (Why should you care?) How well a game would anyone of us play if first we did not understand the game and played it anyway and by rules that did not apply? And what if this game was the everyday game of life?

All games have a “maker”. All games have a primary foundation upon which the games are built. All games have rules. The game of life has rules, a primary foundation, a maker. The Big Question: Who or What is the Maker of the game of life? Most people believe that the Maker/Ruler is a Person-God. But some disagree with this hypothesis. To much does not add up. They begin to hesitate and to question. Many who question turn to science for answers. But science when asked to look at the “Big Question” responds with an inconclusive, non-committal… “there probably is no God”… “please take a seat in the waiting room”… “further studies are needed”. And we wait… unknowing. (And that does not make sense either.)

Can we know? There exists out there an almost unanimous notion… worn as a badge of honor and proof of wisdom… that no one can know.  This perilous notion keeps us from finding the keys that open the door to truth… even a crack.

Who am I? I am an ordinary person for whom what is taught about who I am, what we all are, what the world is, is at odd with what is observed. I like to know. And I am convinced that we can know. (If we take the time.)

A book: For a stretch of time, I went where everyone is sent. There, I encountered sameness and redundancy…  God is the answer… we don’t know yet.  I began to look elsewhere. As I “found”, I set notes, reflections, and the “what does it all mean?” in a book: A Natural Philosophy..  –  A Natural Philosophy is available on Amazon




How have we come to believe in the existence of a God?

There is a very important page in history… an awe bending “event” page… when and where it is noted that a God came down from the heavens onto earth. And…

“… only upon understanding the truth of this event, can we clarify and identify our “real” roots.

“The first fact we face when we begin to survey the historical documents is that there was not only one “God” but many gods, present on earth, in those days. Yet, we have made it dogmatically “untouchable” to admit to the existence of other gods; we have brushed them under the truth’s carpet. We want all these gods to be imaginary. Our history books present them as mythological figures. Images in dreams. – We have turned a magnificent past into illusions and fairy tales. The second fact that becomes quickly evident when examining the ancient documents is that the gods, including our “God”, were beings of flesh, blood, and bones. It is only with the passage of the millennia that the gods became ethereal figures. And the third fact that the same texts make clear – the truth that confuses us so much and has sent us into astronomical loops over the millennia – is that the gods descended unto earth, from the heavens. The heavens being the skies above our heads.  A Natural philosophy p. 190, 191.”


Note: After a time on earth, the “gods” departed. People lifted their eyes upward and scrutinized the heavens. And, they waited… prayed… remembered… offered sacrifices…Thus began… and the long wait for the return of the magnificent ones… and the transformation of facts into memories, into reconfigured stories, into religions. – Over the generations, over the millennia, the descent of gods from the sky unto earth, their accomplishments, their relationship with humanity and their “words” have been reinterpreted and distorted to the point of being completely unrecognizable. And, with more time, more isolation, more reinterpretation, more refining, one of the many gods, a being issued from the womb of nature, was raised to the high post of “Supernatural” Supreme Being: (God). 

And that was God. That is God.

The consequence: Even though this Personage was very important to an ancient people, in relation to His existence as our Primary Foundation… nothing is real. We pretend. We invent. The reason why science is also stuck in a loop of unknowing is that it uses the same distant past “time frame” for the “beginning” of creation. (And we build more walls in front of the door.)


Who created creation? No one.

Creation has always been:

When? In this present instant.

Think about it: It is now. It is now. It is now. It is always now. The only all-encompassing “thing” that is always present is the Now. It has always been now. – Having always been, the Now is eternal. Being everywhere, the Now is infinite. This present “instant” comprehends beginning, middle, and end… past, present, and future.


The Now is the Universal Creator.
The Now is the Primary Foundation.
The Now is the Primal Source.

The Now is the Maker of the games of existence.
The Now is originator of the rules of the game of existence.

The Now: In its totality, completeness, wholeness, the Now is ONE; in its multiplicity of parts, it is all. All incessantly, infinitely. divides. The dividing motion makes all appear to be on a linear trek moving from past to future. Except, the Now cannot jump ahead of itself; it must remain in its “nowness-ness”; it must remain still. Stillness-in-motion… the mechanism: As One divides into all… simultaneously… all collapses into One. A pulse is emitted… Life at the very same time… a counter pulse is emitted… Death. Thus, everywhere, incessantly, Life/Death, Life/Death, Life/Death. Life/Death is the motor, the matrix, the Grand Designer, the choreographer of what is and of the way what is is.

Everywhere is the center of the Now. Essence is everywhere. Substance is everywhere. Effect is one with cause, matter is mind, substance is essence.

Existence: Life/Death… All becomes. All disappears. But we know that something remains. A middle: Creation, existence. The middle is a battle for form and duration (space and time). How? Streams of Life/Death pulses, incessantly, continuously, push/pull upon and within one another. Life Forces push against Death Forces… a space opens… we inhale…  Death Forces fight back and collapse the space… we exhale. Fragments by fragments… Life pushing Forces… forms becoming, holding… for an instant, an hour, a decade, a century, a millennium…. Death pulling Forces… collapsing universes, rivers, grains of sand, thoughts, people. In this single present instant, the Eternal and the Infinite become temporal and finite… the temporal and finite becomes Eternal and Infinite.

The bottom line: In the Now, you are a center of existence, a point of being, a point of radiance, where thoughts and senses weave the fabric of the instant. Awareness of the ways of the Now, of the games of the Now, has its advantages, its rewards…  and its feelings (It makes you feel relevant.)

A Natural Philosophy… (the book)  is available on Amazon