Religion. Who is (was) God? Atheism. What if there is no God (now)? Nature. Nature’s laws, forces and powers. Life. Purpose. Meaning. How to become conscious of this intelligent nature. – There are answers.




Who/what are we? Why do we need to know?
So that we can take a meaningful breath of air.

We do not operate in a vacuum: Before we formulate a thought, cast a desire into the future, put one foot ahead of the other, intelligence and common sense demand that we know the identity of our Primary Foundation as well as the rules and the laws of that all-important, all-encompassing Source. How else can we know our own identity and forge forward with purpose and meaning?

Consciousness (How we apply what we know): To make sense of our existence, we need to be at one with the “Source” that constructs us. Upon a Primary Foundation we build our existence’s knowledge (definitions, values, understanding, purpose, meaning, rewards and punishments). From morning to night, based on that knowledge, we navigate, sense, feel our way within our own mind and within the world around us. As we know so we feel, as we feel (good, bad, right, wrong, joy, sadness, hope, guilt, fear) so we construct our dreams, desires, thoughts, actions, decisions and choices. To feel, to be “with senses”, is to be conscious (con: with,  scious: senses).

But what if our senses send us travelling back and forth from a completely imaginary foundation to a real world?

Who or What is our Primary Foundation? Religion, for millennia, has been promoting the idea that the universal Primary Foundation is a God. But many through intuition or reason sense that something does not add up with religion. Was a God the originator of all that exists? Is there even a God? And those who hesitate turn to science for answers. Yet science – seeks but does not find – . “There probably is no God”, it timidly concludes. – Walled within loops within walled loops, both religion and science are fixated on a pre-existent “X” Whom no eyes can see, no ear can hear, no nose can smell, no mouth can taste, no flesh can touch. We pretend. We invent.

The last wall we encounter on our escape trek from the God “Imaginarium” is the generalized insistence that no one can know for certain if there is /was a God… and, if no such Entity exists, Who/What brings into being all that is everywhere?

What if we could?

A book: Many years ago, I came across two edifying solutions/ paradigms offering a way over the wall: The first addressed the origin of the Being we call God and the second explored the structure of existence. There were/ are answers. Along the way, I wrote discoveries, notes, reflections, and the “what does it all mean?” in a book: A Natural Philosophy..  –  A Natural Philosophy is available on Amazon



1): (GOD):

How have we come to believe in the existence of a God?

There is a very important page in history… a mesmerizing page… when and where it is recounted that a God came down from the heavens onto earth. And… only upon understanding the reality of this event, can we clarify and identify our “real” roots.

“The first fact we face when we begin to survey the historical documents is that there was not only one “God” but many gods, present on earth, in those days. Yet, we have made it dogmatically “untouchable” to admit to the existence of other gods; we have brushed them under the truth’s carpet. We want all these gods to be imaginary. Our history books present them as mythological figures. Images in dreams. – We have turned a magnificent past into illusions and fairy tales. The second fact that becomes quickly evident when examining the ancient documents is that the gods, including our “God”, were beings of flesh, blood, and bones. It is only with the passage of the millennia that the gods became ethereal figures. And the third fact that the same texts make clear – the truth that confuses us so much and has sent us into astronomical loops over the millennia – is that the gods descended unto earth, from the heavens. The heavens being the skies above our heads.  A Natural philosophy p. 190, 191.”

Once on earth the gods accomplished mind bending feats. They flew through the skies aboard vimanas, chariots of fire, “glories”,” “whirlwinds”, and other flying crafts; they caused whole cities to be wiped out in minutes; they built their homes (temples) out of megaliths; the sound of their trumpets blew walls into rubles. We can change words, alter stories and legends, transform fire and brimstone into metaphors and allegories, but we must face the ancient megalithic structures/ temples – always associated with one god or another – with a different intellectual weigth scale. For example: A platform remains at Baalbeck, libanon/Syria, built out of massive (some weighing more than 1000 tons (2 million + pounds)) stone blocks.


Note: The ancients did not refer to the visitors as “aliens” but as gods.

After a time on earth, the gods departed. People lifted their eyes upward and scrutinized the heavens. And, they waited… prayed… remembered… offered sacrifices…Thus began… and the long wait for the return of the magnificent ones… and the transformation of facts into memories, into reconfigured stories, into religions. – Over the generations, over the millennia, the descent of gods from the sky unto earth, their accomplishments, their relationship with humanity and their “words” have been reinterpreted and distorted to the point of being completely unrecognizable. And, with more time, more isolation, more reinterpretation, more refining, one of the many gods, a being issued from the womb of nature, was raised to the high post of “Supernatural” Supreme Being: (God). 

And that was God. That is God.

The God personage worshiped by humanity has existed. He was of the sky but was not the sky’s Originator. Nor was He a Supernatural Being. He was very much from and of the world and from and of nature. A historical event has been turned up-side down, emptied of its real content, and reconstructed into an imaginary story. The ancient words ( no matter their inerrant wisdom and historical accuracies/ inaccuracies) were about the daily relationship between living gods/God and their mankind progeny. – But, the story of gods/God/ mankind relationship had/ has nothing to do with who we are at Source.

The gods/God are gone: Which leaves us with the following questions: Who/what creates? What is what is created? Who/what are we? And why are we the way we are? To find the answers, we must change paradigm, we must first confront the “when?” of creation.



Who created creation?
No one. (Why?)

Creation has always been.
Creation never had a beginning date.

The “when?”: Now.

(And it changes everything.)

Think about it: It is now. It is now. It is now. It is always now. The only all-encompassing “thing” that is always “there/here” is the Now. The Now comprehends beginning, middle, and end… past, present, and future. It never began. It will never end. There will always be a Now. – Having always been, the Now is eternal. Being everywhere, the Now is infinite.

The Now is the Primary Foundation, the Universal Creator, the Primal Source.

No one and nothing is external to the Now.  Nature (the Now) is the many forms travelling every which way within the Source. Nature is the “manner of being” of the many forms of the Source. Nature is the way of the Source. The nature of the Source is the nature of all things. Your nature is of the nature of the Source. Your nature is of the ways of the Source. All of the Source’s ways are natural. There is no such thing as an unnatural Source or an unnatural way. There are no unnatural dreams. There are no unnatural thoughts. There are no unnatural words. There are no unnatural acts. There are no unnatural paths. There are no unnatural travelers. Nothing is unnatural. Nothing. Not good. Not bad. Not evil. Nothing. All phenomenons, all levels of consciousness, and all things, approved of or disapproved of, explained or unexplained, are of nature. And what is unexplained is just that: unexplained. Not understood. No more can you operate outside of nature than can a grain of sand, a tree, or a lion. You can never act outside of nature’s ways. Period.   (A Natural Philosophy   P. 45)

Which means we need to redefine everything… from beginning.

In its totality, completeness, wholeness, the Now is ONE. In its multiplicity of forms, the Now is all. One into all incessantly, infinitely. divides. All into One incessantly, infinitely return.  To divide implies motion. Except that the Now cannot move. The Now cannot jump ahead of itself. The Now must remain still. The mechanism: As One divides into all… at the same time… all collapse into One. A pulse is emitted… Life at the very same time… a counter pulse is emitted… Death. Thus, everywhere… continuously, incessantly… Life/Death, Life/Death, Life/Death.

In this single present instant, the Eternal and the Infinite become temporal and finite… the temporal and finite become Eternal and Infinite. “To and fro, every human being dances until body and mind fold back… into One. To and fro, every tree, every flower, and every blade of grass dance until water, soil, and sun run no longer through their roots and leaves. To and fro, every sun dance until it can no longer separate morning from night and all that was under its care has dried up. To and fro, every life-form dances until the thought that conceived it, fades into the Source. And then, all begins anew. And in this instant.”  (A Natural Philosophy p. 44 )

The Need of the Now to be and at the same time to not be… Is the Motor, the Matrix, the Grand Designer of creation. That all-powerful need is also all-Forces/ Principles. And from these Forces/ Principles are derived all the laws and rules of mind and matter, all the laws and rules of mankind, all the laws and the rules that build your thoughts, dreams, and actions. We are as the Now is. The Now is as we are.

Existence: All become. All disappear. Yet… something remains. A middle: Creation, existence. How? At the moment that Life is erased by Death… Life comes back stronger… with more Power, with more Force… and… pushes against Death… a space opens… we inhale…  Death comes back with more Power/ Force… pulls back Life… the space collapses… we exhale. Vibration by vibration, fragment by fragment… after being born, the Now holds for an instant, an hour, a decade, a century, a millennium…. universes, rivers, grains of sand, thoughts, people… and… at the same time and over time, all collapses. The middle is a battle for form and duration (space and time).

If you have been abated under a philosophy of self-denial, self-deprecation, self-minimization…  ” A human “being”, no matter the debilitating tempests, the gales, the squalls, the physical deformities, the mental illnesses, the antisocial behaviors, the bent ways, the lack of money, the vulgarity of the tongue, the crookedness in thoughts and even the evilness in deeds – a human being is always a complete human being. If you think that you are bent and would like to stretch, from the ground up to the light, do so. But, if the storms have been too severe, if the trunk, branches, and leaves are too damaged to be straitened, and you want to be whole, you need do nothing, for, as you are, you are One.   (A Natural Philosophy   P. 73, 74)  And One comprehends all that is Life.

Consciousness is infinite.

One is all, all is One: In the Now, all of the ingredients that composes One are included in all. Intelligence, consciousness… etc… are included in all human beings, animals, trees, flowers, grains of sand, and specks of dust. Everywhere there is nothing but “conscious and intelligent life”. Essence is everywhere. Substance is everywhere. But, as the two pulses act at the same time essence is substance, cause is effect, mind is matter.

Religion rewards obedience.
The Now rewards awareness.

You: In the Now, you are a center of existence, a point of being, a point of radiance, where thoughts and senses weave the fabric of the eternal instant… where and when you receive and give the elemental and the formed. As it unfolds, the Now reveals itself. Then it folds. Again, it reveals itself. Wave by wave you sense, you think, you walk. Awareness of the ways of the Now, of the games of the Now, has its advantages, its rewards.

We (you) are… and there is… so much more.

You can purchase the book… A Natural Philosophy… on Amazon