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What is wrong with “morality”?

Is morality good or bad for you? (The bottom line, it is not good.)

Morality is said to be the greatest achievement of mankind. Morality gives human beings “laws” to live by. Laws given by a “God”. Without these laws, it is advanced, we would quickly become derelicts incapable of sustaining a viable “self” or society. As individuals, we would fall into depravity and as a society we would be at each others throats. It would be the end of civilization.

But there is a problem:

At the moment of conception, nature inscribes in each and every human being its own laws. (Laws: patterns formed by the “raison d’etre” of nature). No matter what is said… no one… has the power to change these patterns.) They are incorporated into the very fabric of your existence… moment by moment, day by day, dream by dream, though by thought, and action action. And they are inscribes in every external occurrences you encounter during your entire life.

They are the same through out infinite space. And their duration spans this single moving eternal instant.

But religious ideologies teach that these natural laws make human beings wicked, corrupted, and defective… and that they go in opposite direction to the will of the “God”. Human natural laws are to be eradicated and replaced by divine laws: morality. But as everything in you is genetically stamped, you continuously fail in your obedience to “change” and follow the will of the deity… thus… you are proclaimed a sinner.

To moralists, what is… “good” and “bad”…. “right” and “wrong”… and how you should think, want, act (react), and be is set in “absolutes”; nature’s “judgement” is set… instant by instant, moment by moment… by the demands of creation, maintenance, and deletion. Morality’s rules are implanted in people’s minds after birth. Nature’s rules creates you.

Therefore, morality’s attempts at your de-naturalization is a futile endeavor. All you get is confusion, guilt, incomprehension, submission, and the destruction of your self-esteem. You are made to forget that you are a natural being living in a natural universe. You become a fake  “spiritual” being. You walk your life in a daze. In a dream-trance. Unable to make heads or tails of who you are. Many say that without morality, you would fall. Actually, you would rise. You would feel a sense of belonging, a sense of oneness with the cosmos, with the earth, with the forms of nature, and with people. You would learn about your true nature.

You would become real.



Why? what if you were asked to play a game, plan a journey, drive a car, cultivate a garden, prepare your next meal… (live your whole life)… by rules that do not apply?


If we are able to be cognizant that we exist… so that we and all that exists make sense… we should also be able to know (and interested in knowing) who and what we are… and how and why we “behave” the way we do (for real).

Who and what are we? What is “officialdom” telling us about the origin, design, purpose and the meaning of our existence?

Religion, for millennia, has been promoting the idea that the Creator of nature and of mankind, the universal Primary Foundation, is a God. God is design, purpose and meaning. Our lives through, we follow, obey, serve, and worship. Our enticement and reward: after death, we rejoin God in heaven.

Science, probing the deep past, sees fingerprints (evidence) of an Originator but not the Originator. The door is left opened: There could be… or not be a God. This indecision leaves the followers, adherents and advocates of science to twirl their philosophical thumbs, pursue nihilism, live for “stuff”, and/or, continue to be as spiritual, as good, and as moral as the believers. Maybe even go to Heaven.

The status quo: Both religion and science ascribe to creation a beginning date and an Originator (a Person or a Force). As time passes along creation’s continuum, one states that nothing changes and the other that the Originator’s designing mind or matrix allows change to occur. Millennia pass. We believe. We argue. Over and over again – But what if nothing of this is real?


Many long moons ago, like so many of us, I faced the age old questions… Is there a God? And, if there is no God, then what is everything and who are we? After much looking and getting entangled in endless getting nowhere loops, I realized that a shift of paradigms had (has) to occur.

A book: Under the dust of time two tracks of answers began to appear. The first identified the origin of the Being we call God and the second explored the structure of existence. Along the way, I wrote reflections, discoveries, notes, and the “what does it all mean?” in a book entitled A Natural Philosophy..  –  A Natural Philosophy is available on Amazon



How have we come to believe in the existence of a God?

Dust over meaning: What if Ezekiel’s vision was true. What if God’s “vehicle” the biblical prophet heard and saw breaking through the sky and noisily coming down to earth was a real nuts and bolts craft? What if at one point in our human history gods did inhabit earth?

“The first fact we face when we begin to survey the historical documents is that there was not only one “God” but many gods, present on earth, in those days. Yet, we have made it dogmatically “untouchable” to admit to the existence of other gods; we have brushed them under the truth’s carpet. We want all these gods to be imaginary. Our history books present them as mythological figures. Images in dreams. – We have turned a magnificent past into illusions and fairy tales. The second fact that becomes quickly evident when examining the ancient documents is that the gods, including our “God”, were beings of flesh, blood, and bones. It is only with the passage of the millennia that the gods became ethereal figures. And the third fact that the same texts make clear – the truth that confuses us so much and has sent us into astronomical loops over the millennia – is that the gods descended unto earth, from the heavens. The heavens being the skies above our heads”.  A Natural philosophy p. 190, 191.anp_front

After a time on earth, the gods departed. People lifted their eyes upward and scrutinized the heavens. And, they waited… prayed… remembered… offered sacrifices…Thus began… and the long wait for the return of the magnificent ones… and the transformation of facts into memories, into reconfigured stories, into religions. – Over the generations, over the millennia, the descent of gods from the sky unto earth, their accomplishments, their relationship with humanity and their “words” have been reinterpreted and distorted to the point of being completely unrecognizable. And, with more time, more isolation, more reinterpretation, more refining, one of the many gods, a being issued from the womb of nature, was raised to the high post of “Supernatural” Supreme Being: (God). 

And that was/is God. For certain.

Origin. Concept. Name. Idea. Definition. Locale.

The words of the gods/God, no matter their inerrant wisdom and historical accuracies/ inaccuracies, were/are about the relationship and the day to day interactions between powerful ruler gods and their charge. These ancient directives, though important to the people of those days, even to the people of today, have nothing at all to do with who, why, and how we are at Source.

And, having its minds, its telescopes and microscopes set to the past, science will never get to the answer either. (The answer is not there.)



The solution: We change the time and date of creation.

Think about it: It is now. It is now. It is now. It is always now. The only “space/time” that is always “there/here” is the Now. A Now must always be, must have always been. Having always been, the Now was not created. And… having always been, the Now is eternal. Being everywhere, the Now is infinite.

What does it mean? As the date of creation was not located in the distant past but in this moment…

The Now is the Primary Foundation,
The Now is the Primal Source.
The Now is the Creator.

The how: In its totality, completeness, wholeness, the Now is ONE. In its multiplicity of forms, the Now is all. One into all incessantly, infinitely. divides. All into One incessantly, infinitely return.  To divide implies motion. Except that the Now cannot move. The Now cannot jump ahead of itself. The Now must remain still. The mechanism: As One divides into all… at the same time… all collapse into One. A pulse is emitted… Life at the very same time… a counter pulse is emitted… Death. Thus, everywhere… continuously, incessantly… Life/Death, Life/Death, Life/Death.

The Now is a singular Source/event engendering a binary pulse/Source. The Now cannot not be. This having to become from not being creates the “spark of Life”. Followed by the extinguishment of the spark. Yet…

Existence: All become. All disappear. Yet… something (a residue) remains. A middle: Creation, existence. How? At the moment that Life is erased by Death… Life comes back stronger… with more Power, with more Force… and… pushes against Death… a space opens… we inhale…  Death comes back with more Power/ Force… pulls back Life… the space collapses… we exhale. Vibration by vibration, fragment by fragment… after being born, the Now holds for an instant, an hour, a decade, a century, a millennium…. universes, rivers, grains of sand, thoughts, people… and… at the same time and over time, all collapses. The middle, the residue, is where the battles for form and duration (space and time) occurs.

Of space/time field of play: (Yesterday existed… but it does not exist… yet what existed (for the most part) is still here). The space/time residue, existence’s filaments of presence, is what we call the Memory. – The central, the focal point, of all that exists is the – one at a time – creation, maintenance, and deletion of memories.

As the binary pulse push forth and comes back, patterns of becoming, of maintenance, of ending can be detected, identified, named. The patterns are the laws of existence. The laws of nature. Our human laws. From these patterns, we are able to decipher the rules of the Game of existence. Understanding the Source, we can make sense of our existence and the world around us. Games of life, death, renewal, survival, letting-go, fighting back, winning, are always at play.

Everywhere is the center of the Now. Every speck of cosmos is a center at the center of the Now. You are a center at the center of the Now. There are infinite numbers of centers. Through a multitude of games… games of mind, games of body, games of soul…  we become, we remain, we end.

Meaning and purpose: In the Now, all of the ingredients that compose One are included in all… from people to animals, trees, flowers, grains of sand, and specks of dust. One is in all, all is in One.  Consciousness, intelligence, intelligent “life”, are universal ingredient; they are manifest in everything, everywhere. – As the two pulses act at the same time, essence is substance, cause is effect, mind is matter. – The pulses transform One into all and reunify all into One. At all times. it is us. It is what we do.

Form is mind in interaction, in reflection with the infinite.

It’s about you: You are a center of existence, a point of being, a point of radiance, a point of creation, where thoughts and senses weave the fabric of the eternal instant… where and when you receive and give the elemental and the formed. As it unfolds, the Now reveals itself. Then it folds. Again, it reveals itself. Pulse by pulse, wave by wave, you sense, you think, you walk.

Awareness of the patterns (the laws, the rules, the ways) of the Now has its advantages, its rewards.


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