Category: Being an atheist and death.

The moment after death.

The “God” of antiquity no longer lives on earth… and Heaven is the physical sky above our heads. If you have bought such a God and Heaven ticket for your next life… no matter who is doing the underwriting, the selling, the giving, the asserting, the promising, the threatening…


After your last breath on this earth… what will happen to you, your energy, your memory, your “I”, your consciousness? We, human beings, do not see that far. The only valid (and existence certain for a period of time) ticket is the one you  presently hold. A living human form ticket.

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Speculation: We know from many near death experiences that the human mind seems to enter into a death program. A tunnel is seen and a white light is in want to be followed to its end. Loved ones are sometime encountered along the way. At a certain point, the travelers are informed that this is not the right time to complete the journey and told to go back to their earthly life. Truth? Fantasy? Imaginary imprints on the mind? No one, 5 years after death, has come back and give us account of another world. Still, the fact that the near death program has been remembered and recorded over the ages on many occasions attest to the possibility of its existence.

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Transitions: If we existed as “entity” before the present form, if we exist as “entity” after the present form has ended… the transitions can only happen in the only moment that exists: the Now. The Now does not experience interruptions. The Now is for ever present. That presence is both eternal and One. the Oneness is also allness and infinite. From Oneness all forms originate. For a time forms “live” and then, all that was form returns to Oneness. But, Oneness is eternal. Therefore, all that dies re-becomes One. And as One is also substance/ form, all that re-becomes One must also re-become all. As the Now, as One never disappear, whatever we are does not either. It is reformatted. The Big question: Is our  “I”, a private “I” or a global Oneness? Does our “I” travels from form to form keeping its integrity or does it return to a vast… nameless… Oneness… nameless until it is “formed” again… under a new “I”?

One is consciousness. Always. Dreams are part of our sub-consciousness. From time to time we hear that a certain person had a dream… after the passing of a loved one. The dream appears to be real. And most often than not the loved one say in a way or another that she/he is fine. Of course, it can be the dreamer’s neurons making up stories. Stories that consoles the heart. But, consciousness built the neurons in the dreamer’s head.

Then there are butterflies.